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 Gallery Guidelines

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PostSubject: Gallery Guidelines   Gallery Guidelines 2rzevleSat Dec 15 2007, 15:50

Welcome to the Gallery :cheer:

·:· Any of the information posted here must have thumbs up from the owner. Please do not remove any file and post it somewhere else without contacting and asking for owner’s permission.

·:· Check the forum you are posting in before starting a new thread. If there is a thread with similar content, post there rather than jam up the board with too many in a similar vein.

·:· Keep the focus: Make sure your post is going into the appropriate forum. Threads considered to be misplaced by the moderators will be moved, locked or deleted.

·:· Try to keep your images in a proper size, so the board doesn’t become slow, and its template do not deforms.

·:· Regarding official and agency images, due to copyright policy and in accordance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”), we are not allowed to post those pics here. No images with watermarks digitally removed must be posted either. This includes it’s use for avatars or siggies. Please post the link where people can see the pictures instead.

·:· If you have an issue regarding any of the pics posted, please contact Admin, and we will handle the issue.

·:· Please credit any of the pictures you post in here.

·:· If you want to use any of the personal pictures posted by a member, please contact her/him and ask for permission. We are not able to track every single picture that it’s posted, but we can act if an issue is brought to out attention.

On a final note ….. we hope you enjoy your time spent within this community and if you have any issues or questions then please contact one of the moderators via pm. (their names appear in dark brown on the main page)

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Gallery Guidelines
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